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Drug Intervention Program – Encouraging Addicts to Get Treatment

Drug Intervention is a technique that aims at helping addicts get treatment who can not do so on their own. The intervention program is designed to confront the addict and help guide them into entering a drug rehab program. Although the decision to enter a recovery program is ultimately up to the addict, often an intervention can help make clear to the addict the gravity of the situation and the importance of treatment.

Intervention programs often are most effective for those who have never undergone any other treatment before. There are numerous types of intervention including family, emergency, teen, and workplace intervention. Teen intervention Programs are designed for teens between the ages of 12 and 18 years. The aim of these TIP programs is to arrest addiction and negative behavior early before it becomes too damaging to the teen’s life and health.

Specialized help is given to patients in a drug intervention center, including private counseling with the patient as well as their family. Intervention programs are most successful when proper assistance is given by a professional interventionist. These professionals are qualified to direct the family through the intervention process and to help them choose an appropriate program for the addict.

Interventionists will ask questions of the family members related to the addiction patterns, habits, behavior and daily life problems of the addict in order to know more about his or her history. On the basis of this feedback, the professional interventionist designs the rehab program that is best suited to the needs of the individual. A successful drug intervention program will convince the addict to enter a rehab program where he or she can overcome addiction and lead a more meaningful life.

Tips for a Successful Rehab

Good for you! After years of substance abuse and dependency you have decided that the time to get sober is long overdue and you are ready to get help. With support and encouragement from your loved ones – you can do it – and to help you get started, here are a few tips on how to have a successful rehab and recovery future.

Start with Finding the Right Rehab

Finding the right rehab program can be a challenge. There are so many different philosophies and methods available. How will you know which is right for you? The rehab program that you choose should be able to not only help you make a plan on how to avoid triggers that can lead to relapse, but it should also be equipped to help you address your reasons for drug and alcohol abuse.

Rehab programs do not stop with counseling and medical treatment, but also include the opportunity to be involved in traditional 12-Step groups and many offer holistic remedies such as acupuncture, yoga and massage.

Prepare to Go – Plan Accordingly

Once you have selected a rehab treatment program, you will be given a packet of information on what to expect and how to pack and prepare. It is important that you read the information carefully and thoroughly.

Go over the packing list of items that are allowed. Don’t pack anything that the center considers “contraband” but make sure that you do pack plenty of items that will ensure a comfortable experience including books, music and a journal. Some rehab centers allow the use of personal electronics such as laptops, iPods and e-readers. If this is something that is important to you, make sure these items are on the list of acceptable items when you choose a rehab.

Leave It All Behind

On the day to leave home, make sure that you leave worries behind and concentrate on getting better. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but the fact is that you are going to rehab to start your recovery. Your loved ones have been encouraging you throughout the decision and they know how important success is… not only to you but to everyone in your life. During this time, just focus on you.

Participate in Your Recovery

Participation in the process adds to your success. Take part in group counseling by asking questions, offer opinions and getting involved. Chances are that someone in your group needs to hear what you have to say or maybe they want to ask the question you asked, but couldn’t find the courage. Be brave! You might just be helping someone along the way.

Continue Recovery with After-care

Recovery does not end with rehab, but it is something that you will work on for the rest of your life. Most recovering addicts and alcoholics find that joining a community support group such as AA/NA or another 12-Step group helps them stay on the sober path.

If the traditional approach does not appeal to you, there are some non-traditional methods such as behavior counseling and holistic therapies. Following these tips can offer some added reinforcement, increase the chances of success and help you prepare for the long recovery road ahead!

3 Tips to Find Free Drug Rehab

Many people don’t care about drug rehabilitation until them or one of their family need it. Although many free drug rehab centers are in the country, it can be difficult to find one of the best if you don’t know how to choose it. It is very problematic for those without comprehensive private health insurance. It means that they have to self finance a stay at rehab center and sometimes it is not cheap.

What about finding the information on the internet?

It doesn’t much help, even when the title of website is “free drug rehab”, many of them force you to pay for a few of dollars. And since those rehab centers seem very reluctant to put pricing information on their web, you cannot judge who offers affordable care and who does not.

Here is 3 tips to find free drug rehab which offers affordable care:

1. Contact your substance abuse agency.
It is a division of the state social services board. Don’t think about how much money you have first, just find someone in this agency that ready to help you get over drug addiction. They will listen and provide you with a useful information that can help you solve your problem, especially in choosing your best treatment center.

2. Find information in the community.
If there is someone in your community that already free from drugs, don’t be hesitate to ask information from them about their current treatment center. I bet you that he or she will tell you the information about doctors, counselors or health care workers around you.

3. Join the free drug communities or meeting.
These communities usually have members from people who struggle with drugs or alcohol. And of course their counselors will help you to find the best treatment programs and place for you. They are very approachable and helpful to other people trying to better their addictions. Just find them and you will get what you want.

I believe that in every state of the nation, there are drug and alcohol treatment centers willing to care addicts for free. The centers are consisted of fully hearted people that care about your recovery. So don’t let the difficulty of finding free drug rehab discourage you, just contact them and take a giant step to a better life.